Accidents: 5 Dead This Friday

Five people, including three young people died on Friday, June 17 after being victims of road accidents.

After the death of two young people in the early hours in Mapou, Babet Harris, 19, had a tragic end at Hollyrood, Vacoas, in the afternoon.

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This inhabitant of Quatre-Bornes left his home on Friday, June 17 at 8 AM to go to Ébène for his tuition. Babet Harris was on his motorcycle and he was in the company of a woman of 18. At the height of the main street in Holyrood, he hit a rock and made a heavy fall.

Samu could only note the death of Harris Babet. The woman was transported to Victoria Hospital in Candos, where she received first aid. She was allowed to go home afterward.

Another victim of road accident this Friday is Gabriel Jolicoeur, 37 and from Rodrigues origin, was hit by a car on the highway at the Bois-Marchand. The accident occurred on Friday at 6:45 PM. The victim died on the spot.

Vidyamit Domhun, a 56 year-old resident of morcellement Saint-André, also experienced a tragic end. He died on Friday, 17th of June after spending five days in the intensive care unit of the SSRN hospital in Pamplemousses.

The man was hit by a motorcyclist on Sunday June 12 as he returned from work on his bicycle.

The five victims bring the tally to 67 of the number of deaths on our roads since the beginning of the year.