[Belle Vue Maurel] – NTC Bus Accident

NTC Bus Accident At Belle Vue Maurel


A serious accident occurred shortly after 11 am at Belle Vue Maurel following a collision between two NTC buses. For now there is unknown number of injured in the accident.


Several people were transported urgently to the SSRN Hospital in Pamplemousses on Thursday, May 19. This after two buses came in collision up to Mon Loisir, Rivière du Rempart. The accident occurred around 11 AM.

According to preliminary information, one of the bus was heading towards Rivière-du-Rempart and the other towards Port Louis. The driver of the bus that was heading towards the capital was seriously injured.

Slightly wounded, Mauritius University students who were on board of one of the buses did not want to go to the hospital. This is because they have to take part in the exams.