[BIZARRE] Poste De Flacq: A Bizarre Underwater Insect Found By A Man

The discovery shocked the villagers of Poste De Flacq. A man was going for a fishing party with his friend when he came across this bizarre insect under water. Shocked, he called for his friend to take a picture. The insect has a body texture like a crocodile with long curly tails. Furthermore, four small legs were captured as well as its V-shape head.

Bizarra Animal Seen At Poste De Flacq


Pravesh, a 28 years old man made the discovery near a river in Poste De Flacq. He said that the insect remained under the water for a couple of minutes before moving quickly under the leaves. The fishermen said they were unable to record a video of the bizarre insect but has been hearing a lot of the insects from other villagers. Pravesh told us that a video will be sent to us in the coming days as they plan to explore the rivers to film the small insect.