[Calebasses] – Subeer Basdeo Celebrates Mother’s Day With The Poor

Subeer Basdeo unexpectedly stopped at Calebasses and what he saw shocked him and hurt his heart at the same time. He said that the people in Calebasses are living in a deplorable situation and this is the case at many places in Mauritius.

Celebrating Mother's Day At Calebasse 8


Celebrating Mother's Day At Calebasse

Subeer is calling for Mauritians to come to their help. These people are really in need as we can notice through the pictures taken. In fact, Subeer was going to distribute food and blankets to other needy people but could not let down the poor people he saw at Calebasses.

Our team is requesting the generosity of people who are reading this article to give whatever you can to those in need. It has been revealed that the people living in those houses are paying a rent of Rs. 2, 000 monthly. They do not even own these houses. They have to work where they get the opportunity to accumulate the money needed to pay their monthly rent. They are sometimes left empty handed and have no money to buy food to eat.

Celebrating Mother's Day At Calebasse 10 Celebrating Mother's Day At Calebasse 7

The distribution of food and other basic materials will not stop here and will continue. You can help as well. Anything you donate will be helpful for these people. Please call Subeer on 57724295 to show your generosity. Or, you can send us a message on our facebook page: Viral Google News.

Subeer said he is relieved after giving away food and materials to the needy ones and it is the best gift he gave for mother’s day. It is now your turn. Happy mother’s day!