[Camp Diable] VIDEO – Police Misled By The Disappearance Of Salma Mungur

What has happened to Salma Bibi Mungur? While police are desperately trying to solve this mystery, an anonymous letter landed at the central Barracks last month. It states that a ‘roti’ vendor saw a family member Salma Mungur getting rid of her body in a septic tank in the house. Major Crime Investigation Team (MCIT) landed at SSR Lane, Camp Diable on Thursday, June 2. After evacuating waste water the officers searched the premises but returned empty-handed having found neither bones nor corpse.

This is not the first time that a letter misled the investigators. Imran Goolamnabee, the brother of Salma Mungur says that the anonymous message was sent in the past. The author had argued that the body of the victim was in a region of the cane field. “C’était faux. Mais nous avons toujours collaboré avec la police. Ces lettres anonymes sont de la pure méchanceté visant à nuire à notre famille.


Watch video below:


According to our information, it  is already a month since the MCIT took up the file and compiled information on the events preceding the death of Salma Mungur. Her husband, Latiff, was even questioned but it did not advance the investigation. One of his son told the police that his mother was a victim of witchcraft. He said she had seizures, she was screaming and crying.

The day of his disappearance on March 3, 2014, Salma Mungur woke up around 3 am to pray. Her husband went to the mosque on the same day. When the latter got home, his son informed him of the disappearance of his mother. They began to search for her with the help of their neighbors, without success. No one would have seen her that day. The MCIT is however optimistic to be able to solve this case.