Daily Horoscope: Monday, 2 January 2017


Break out of a rut and try something different. Whether this means trying another form of exercise, experimenting with an unfamiliar artistic medium or adopting a new look is up to you. Venturing into new territory will spark some stimulating friendships. You enjoy mixing with accomplished people who aren’t afraid to break the rules. If you’re looking for work, you could be offered a job as an assistant and acquire some valuable skills by shadowing a talented boss.


You’re organised and practical, which makes you popular with people who can’t keep track of their lives. Instead of pouring all your energy into helping these scatterbrains, do something nice for yourself. This would be a lovely time to visit your favourite museum, garden or park. Satisfying your love of beauty will remind you of what is truly important in life. When is the last time you baked, gardened or painted? Is your ‘to be read’ pile taller than you? Indulge yourself on a regular basis.


Learn as much as you can about a subject that piques your interest. Becoming an expert in this area will open doors for you, both personally and professionally. The chance to work for a prominent company with good benefits will be the answer to a prayer. If you’re not looking for work, you will be asked to serve as the leader of an advocacy group. Defending the interests of vulnerable people appeals greatly to you. You have a gift for winning the hearts and minds of the people.


Resist a tendency to be secretive or suspicious. Transparency wins the trust of helpful people. If you’re dealing with a lot of debt, you can consolidate your bills and eliminate the interest rate. This will simplify the situation and make it much easier to fulfil your obligations in a timely manner. You’ll have to live on a tight budget for the short term, but the sacrifice will pay off. Being able to drift off to sleep without a financial care is a worthwhile goal.


Two heads are better than one. Working with a visionary will make you more successful. You’re better at handling practical details and creating a warm, comfortable environment. At times, you and your partner will argue about money. Instead of insisting on the most expensive brands, try to spend more economically, especially in the beginning of a business venture. Work to increase your bottom line. In another year or two, you can splash out on more expensive merchandise.


This is a good time to clean up your personal space. Store files according to their frequency of use. If you only have to access certain papers once every year, put them in a box that is out reach. Keep more timely materials where you can find them. Get rid of anything outdated or irrelevant. Such items only waste valuable time and energy. When everything is stowed away, scrub everything down. Being greeted by a clean scent of furniture polish will boost your productivity.


You’ve been working in the wings for quite some time. Now you’re craving attention. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be recognised for your contributions. Don’t hesitate to enter a contest, audition for a part or submit your written work for review. Someone who admires your gifts will ask for an in-depth interview. This will be your chance to show what you can do, when given access to enough materials and exposure. Stop hiding your light under a bushel.


Home and family is important to you. You’re an intense person who enjoys competitive situations. Having a quiet place where you can rest and recuperate from the workaday world is crucial to your health. Fortunately, you are surrounded by caring people who understand you. When they suggest it’s time for you to slow down and smell the roses, listen carefully. Trusting your own judgment sometimes leads to burnout. Pushing yourself too hard will result in missed opportunities.


You’re even more restless than usual, finding it difficult to concentrate on complex tasks. Instead of running the risk of making mistakes, stay busy with simple tasks that can be finished quickly and easily. You can turn your focus back to more complicated jobs later, when you won’t be so easily distracted. Beware of reacting quickly to provocative remarks on Facebook and Twitter. When you feel your anger rising, stay silent. People will praise your restraint when the dust settles.


People will try to make you hurry up, but continue to work at a slow, measured pace. This will ensure you render a perfect performance. Your reputation for impeccable work will result in a raise, promotion or both. If you’re looking for a job, set aside a certain time each day to find employment. Try to submit one job application each day. After a waiting period that seems far too long, you’ll get some enthusiastic responses. At that point, you will have a choice of several good offers.


Make an impulsive move towards someone who has taken your fancy. An open-hearted approach will pave the way for a close relationship. If you’re already in a serious partnership, this would be a wonderful time to whisk your amour away on a relaxing holiday. A change of scenery will put an end to any bickering that keeps erupting. You’re both working hard and need to see a reward for these sacrifices. If you receive a luxurious gift, don’t complain about the expense. Instead, express your thanks.


Escaping the daily grind will give you an attractive glow. Enjoy a break from home and work responsibilities. You can always resume your duties later, when you are rested and refreshed. If you’re looking for love, it will be a good idea to steer a friendship into romantic waters. Embarking on a love affair with someone who shares your values will reap emotional and financial rewards. Are you happy with your relationship status? Return to an abandoned creative project.