[D’Epinay] – Pregnant For Six Weeks, She Took 10 Abortion Pills

A resident of D’Epinay, 28, six weeks pregnant, swallowed ten tablets to abort as she attempted to end her pregnancy. Suffering from a hemorrhage, she was admitted to the SSRN Hospital in Pamplemousses.

Sangeeta (name changed), mother of two children aged three and nine, started to bleed from her private parts for more than five days. On Thursday, May 5, she was taken to the hospital by her family where she was admitted. The next day, she underwent an ultrasound surgery. The nursing staff then found that she is in fact six weeks pregnant. The doctor asked her to undergo treatment since she is pregnant, but Sangeeta flatly refused to seek treatment.


Asked about the cause of her refusal, she explained that she had swallowed ten abortive pills to end her pregnancy. Her case was forwarded to the police station from the hospital. The husband of the young woman, aged 37, was questioned in connection with the investigation. He denied that his wife took pills to terminate her pregnancy.

“Mo madam pas kone mem ki ete konprime zot pe mansione. Je l’ai rencontré à l’hôpital et elle m’a dit que le médecin a voulu lui donner une injection. Mais elle a refusé car elle a peur de la piqûre. Ainsi, selon les dires de ma femme, le personnel soignant lui aurait demandé si elle avait pris des comprimés d’un certain nom. Dans un moment de panique, mon épouse a dit qu’elle les a pris. Elle a bel et bien pris des comprimés car elle se sentait mal. Ce ne sont pas des pilules abortives mais du Panadol,” said the father to Defi Quotidien. The mechanic says his wife is traumatized.

Sangeeta will give her full version to the police as soon as she recovers. The file will be transferred to the Montagne-Longue police station for the investigation.