[Eau Bouille] Horror: He Discovers The Body Of A Woman Being Burnt

A man made a macabre discovery in the afternoon of Sunday, May 22 at Eau Bouille. He discovered the body of a woman on fire, in the region of Eau Bouille, Nouvelle Decouverte.

He immediately alerted the police. For now, the identity of the victim is unknown.

According to a close source, the man has been intrigued by a smoke from a field close to his garden.

Watch video below:


Arriving on the scene, he discovered a burning corpse. At the same time, he saw a white van who hurriedly left the scene. The identity of the van is unknown, for now, and whether the vehicle has any connection with the gruesome discovery.

Several police units, including officers from the Major Crime Investigation Team, the Crime Branch of Moka and the Dog Section Police were summoned to the scene.

More details will be sent shortly.