[ENGLAND] Marriage Fraud: Nargis Joomun Divorced Her Husband Without His Consent

Mohamad Mouneer Junggee approached us last week to inform us about a shocking fraud that is happening in England.

Mouneer Junggee, 38 year old is a born Mauritian established in France since he was 9 year old. He’s married to Nargis Joomun who divorced his husband without informing him. In fact, the sister of Nargis Joomun, Faheza Joomun made the plot and contacted the corrupt network of lawyer and officers who initialized their divorce prior to marrying a citizen of Czech Republic.

On the same day, the brother of Nargis, Sayad Joomun got married. And that too under the same circumstances, that is fraudulently.

It is good to know that a lawyer named Mikaël J Rene has been imprisoned for fraudulent activities for home office in the UK. He’s also the lawyer of Faheza Joomun. You can see the photo of Faheza’s brother who got married through the same corrupt party below:

Sayad Joomun Married Titille

From left to right, the man standing with a jacket and white shirt is the head of the corrupted network in UK. On his left, newly married Nargis Joomun and his husband. Sitting on the chair is Tetille to whom Sayad Joomun got married on the same day. And finally, on the right are Faheza Joomun and Mohamad Mouneer Junggee, who was a witness of her own wife’s marriage.

Nargis Joomun

On the photo above you can see that Nargis Joomun got married to a citizen of Czech Republic. So you might be wondering why Mohamad Mouneer Junggee remained silent on that day? This is because he is madly in love with his wife and the latter told him that everything has been planned and its for their own benefit. It is for his own interest to remain silent and Mohamad Mouneer Junggee had no option since he did not have a VISA in UK. Nargis did everything to get the citizenship in England and this corrupted network has been in service for many years now.


From left to right is the Mayor of Southend on sea, the newly married couple and an officer from Home Office.

We are calling for the necessary to be done to stop this corrupted network from functioning. Everything is a planned plot by the men in charge at Home Office along with the Mayor and lawyers.