[EXCLUSIVE VIDEO] Gunshots Towards The Embassy Of France: The Images Of The Three Suspects

First exclusive images of St. George Street in Port Louis, where shots were fired on early Monday morning May 30 in the direction of the Embassy of France and Le Saint-Georges.

These images captured by the surveillance cameras show three hooded individuals with clothing covering the entire body, one holding a gun in his left hand.

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They go running along the St. George Street towards the Labourdonnais street. Two of the three individuals take the right sidewalk and the third one on the left. At the height of Bhujoharry college, the pair falls back to the left to reach the third man on the left sidewalk.

Three men, apparently, take the direction of the Poivre Street, which leads to the Saint-Louis street or the Edith Cavell Street.

Watch video below:



Since the shooting, police criminal [CID] of Port Louis South, conducting the investigation under the supervision of the Central CID, multiplies operations to trace the three suspects.

The images of the surveillance cameras installed in the area where are the Embassy of France and the St. George Hotel, are viewed from the shots. Several searches were conducted on Tuesday, May 31 and Wednesday, June 1 at the inhabitants of Port-Louis and in Goodlands.

Three shots were fired: two to the front of the Embassy of France and the other the bay window of the St. George Hotel, located almost opposite. Two .12 and .16 caliber weapons were used, probably shotguns. No injuries were reported.

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The shooting occurred soon after the individual in the hood finished his graffiti on the wall surrounding the embassy of France. Several messages were written there, including “Vous n’êtes plus en sécurité ici”. These inscriptions are also advocating terrorism, and Islamic state in particular.