[Exclusive Video] Plaine Verte: Nazmine’s Theft And Attempted Rape at Her House; Rs. 300, 000 Stolen!!

A Theft And Attempt Of Rape At Nazmine’s House happened this past Thursday night.

Sunday Times visited Nazmine after she claims that a bag containing jewelries, her husband’s salary and donations received was stolen. The theft occurred on Thursday night August 18 when burglars entered her house and attempted to attack and rape her daughter. The thieves then ran away with the bag containing the valuable items (money and jewelries).

Many have mixed thoughts on this robbery and attempted rape. You decide.

Watch video:

She’s asking police to give her the house she was promised for Ramadan. What do you think?? Nazmine claims that she can’t have the operation plus return back to her current house. She has a risk of getting her eyes contaminated again, she feels.

We will keep a watchful eye on this matter..stay tuned!