Following An Article: Soodhun To Make A Fomal Complaint Against Weekly

After the Maya Hanoomanjee episode, the weekly magazine is again the target of another political figure. Indeed, Showkutally Soodhun filed a complaint against the weekly for an article about his return to the country by a private jet from Saudi Arabia. The Weekly editor in chief has made the following statement on Thursday, August 4: “Je ne vais pas réagir car le harcèlement a dépassé les limites. Qu’il fasse ce qu’il veut.

Questioned by l’express, the Minister of Housing and Lands said he will sue the magazine for spreading false news. He says the weekly will have to prove that he has not gone through the normal channels at the Plaisance airport on his return to Mauritius and had six suitcases in his possession. Still recovering, he said he had to call the Criminal Investigation Department at his home to record his statement.