[HOUSE FIRE IN PETITE-RIVIERE] Fidou Haunted By the Cries Of Her Daughter

Could this drama have been avoided? 40 year old Marie Claude Botteveau had closed the door of her room with a chain, said on of her relatives. This prevented her escaping when the fire broke out in her house in Petite-Rivière on Sunday, 10th of July. The 40 year old woman was burnt alive while her brother and the two children of the latter were able to escape from the burning house.

At the time of the tragedy, Marie Claude Botteveau, known affectionately Phanie slept alone in a room while her partner had done out for a few drinks with friends. Her brother and children were in another room.

61 year old Fidou Botteveau, the mother of Phanie who lives in the opposite house  confides. She said that her son saw the flames and rushed to get his children. He tried to do the same for Phanie, ” mé li ti atas laport ek enn lasenn lisien,” she explains .

“Monn fer tou seki posib pou tir Phanie, mé pann resi”

Neighbors were the ones who alerted the old lady. “They heard my daughter call for help (…) Monn koz ek li ziska so dernier ler” sighs Fidou Botteveau. The cries of her daughter still haunt. “Monn fer tou seki posib pu tir Phanie, mé pann resi’ says Joseph Jolicoeur, the partner of the victim, in a broken voice.

Phanie grew up in this house made of iron sheets, lacking electricity. Born in a family of four children, she is described as being very close to her family. But she recently moved away from it, tells his mother.

She is also known for having represented Mauritius in several judo competitions. But she had, for some time, abandoned her first love, judo, and started consuming alcohol excessively. “Kapav Akoz linn Bwar ki li pann konn Difé ki ti pe pran ek li pann kapav sorti” said the elderly lady.

On Saturday, the victim came at her mother’s place with beer and energy drinks in hand. “I found it strange because it was consuming than rum. She handed me the energy drink and did not wish that I share it with my grandson,” recalls Fidou. Phanie spent the evening at home, chatting and joking. “Li ti Anvi met koloran dan so seve, monn met li.” Then she returned home around 22:30. Police in Petite Riviere has opened an investigation to shed light on this matter. The funeral of Marie Claude Botteveau will take place on Monday, July 11th.