[La Laura] A Marriage “Chawtaree” Gone Wrong

Yesterday afternoon, at La Laura, a marriage ceremony (chawtaree) went totally wrong when a girl of 8 years old was urgently transported to the hospital after she lost consciousness.

The girl was sitting quietly and happily while listening to the music being played in the ceremony. However, after some time she lost consciousness and suddenly fell on the ground. Her cousin immediately alerted her parents who were enjoying and dancing with families just after they had lunch together.

Shocked, her parents tried to reanimate her but she stayed inert for a few minutes before they stopped the music and called for an ambulance. No one could explain what had happened at that time until they noticed blood coming out from her ears, mostly from the right ear. No conclusions were drawn until she received first aid when medical staffs suggested that the bleeding could have been caused by the loud music. The girl was sitting on the left of a huge speaker and may have damaged her right ear drums badly.


The little girl of 8 has always been in good health and never felt dizzy before, indicated her parents. Moreover, close families started to question her parents for explanations on what could have happened to their daughter. Shortly after arriving to the hospital at Candos, doctors told the parents that the girl is out of danger and was bleeding heavily because she has sensitive ears and this damaged her ear drums (right mostly) since the music was very loud.

Sheekha (fictitious name) is now out of danger and feeling better, the doctor said. She went home yesterday night prior to receiving attention and care from the medical team at Candos. The parents advise other parents to always keep an eye on their kids, be it in a wedding ceremony or party.