[La Roche] – A Homeless Wins Saturday’s 30th Of April 2016 Loto Jackpot

A player has found the winning combination for the Lotto draw on Saturday, 30th of April. He won the sum of Rs 25, 804.317. The next jackpot will be around Rs 5 million.

The draw has also 67, 908 winners who share the sum of Rs 35, 084, 931. 123 players have got five correct numbers and won the sum of Rs 7, 884 each. Moreover, 4, 658 winners have got four correct numbers and won a sum of Rs 429 each. 63, 126 and players have lined up three winning numbers and earn Rs 100 each.

Total sales at the closure of the game is Rs 37, 865.800. The amount collected by Lottotech on behalf of the Consolidated Fund of Mauritius under the supervision of the GRA himself is Rs 9, 001, 609.

[RUMOUR] We have got information that a homeless from La Roche near FUEL has won the jackpot. An interview with him will be done during the week, if we get enough information on the man who got the correct combination of numbers.

Here’s a photo below sent by a user showing the homeless before winning the jackpot:


Homeless Wins Loto

The winner picked up his check of  Rs 25, 804.317 in the morning today. He said to be very glad for winning the lotto and always believed that a change to his life will happen sooner or later. He also announced to the source that he got money from a generous person in Flacq and played for Rs. 20 only. We asked for his man but he did not want to disclose his identity at this time. We wish him all the best and congratulations for winning.