[LALMATIE] Natasha Cahoolessur-Sebaluck Gave Birth To A Baby Girl In A Car

Sometimes reality meets fiction. A resident of Bon-Accueil had a day worthy of a film or series scenario: she gave birth to a baby girl in a car traveling at high speed in Lallmatie while her gynecologist adviced her over the phone.

For her family, the baby is a miracle. What is certain is that her birth was unusual. One can even say that this little bundle of joy made her first steps in life on the bleeding edge.

This child was born in the car that was heading to the Fortis Clinique Darné in Curepipe where delivery was supposed to take place.

The scenario worthy of an episode of ER or Grey’s Anatomy, Natasha Cahoolessur-Sebaluck, an accountant of 29 years old has been the main character on June 17.