Leisure: Preparations Underway To Renovate Belle Mare Waterpark

Closed since October 2013, the water park of Belle Mare will reopen soon. Thus, the owner of the place invites safety and leisure consultants, interested in participating in this renovation project, to manifest.

Le Belle Mare Waterpark wants a makeover and as a prelude, the Sugar Investment Trust (SIT), owner, issued a call for expression of interest to select the consultants through its subsidiary SIT Leisure. There is also talk of strategic partnership.

The water park will undergo major work and with this renovation project and restructuring, the promoters aim to restore confidence in the leisure market in the Waterpark. According to a press release from SIT, dated April 18, the goal is to turn this into a profitable business entity.

It will be a new start for this unique park of its kind in the Indian Ocean region. The Waterpark ceased operations since October 2013, after the accident that caused the death of two children. A commission of inquiry had been established to determine the circumstances of the tragedy, to perform an audit of the safety device and make recommendations. The statement said that the SIT new water activities, leisure and business will be introduced, in addition to work on the existing infrastructure. The level of security will be enhanced as the Waterpark intends to meet the international standards for this type of recreation.


The statement referred to a call for expressions of interest from consultants specializing in water parks, but the SIT does not preclude the possibility of a partnership. “Le SIT peut accepter un partenaire stratégique qui peut apporter l’expertise dans les deux composants du Waterpark Project Development” that are renovating and marketing strategies.

Safety will be the key word for this major renovation project, the first of its kind since its opening in December 2000. The recommendations of the inquiry are also focused on this aspect, with the adoption of a law to protect customers from the water park, the establishment of a First aid Room, the increase in the number of aid workers as well as an audit of emergency equipment.

Since its opening, the Belle Mare Waterpark which belongs to SIT entity of planters and employees as shareholders in the sugar industry has always suffered losses. According to its annual report for the 12 months ended June 30, 2014, dividends have fallen to 10 cents per share against 12 cents a share last year. The closing of the water park is one of the reasons cited for the decline.