London: Neither Missing Nor Kidnapped, A Mauritian Treats His Son As ‘Crazy’

Laval Nallacooty launched a distress call through a newspaper yesterday. In the article, he says that he has no news of his mother, Marie Lucienne Anodin for a month. He says he suspects the tenant of his mother, Jason to have kidnapped her mother. He even made an appeal to the CCID as well as the Interpol to help find her mother.

After reading this article, the mother confided exclusively to Top FM: “Mo croire li crazy” this is what was said by Marie Lucienne Anodin to his son to Top FM. She explains that she lives alone in England and that his tenant, Jason, and the latter’s wife both take care of her. Asked about the fact that his son says to not hear from her, she answers “li koz lied.”

Watch video below:


The tenant in question, Jason, want to make sure that all of this is a lie. He explains that this is wrong and has not kidnapped Marie Lucienne Anodin. He added that the mother of Laval moved to Crawley in his company because she wanted a change of air. In addition, Jason claims that his reputation has been tarnished and he does not understand the reaction of Laval.