Mauritius – Confessions Of A Female Smoker Of Cannabis

I am a smoker of cannabis!

The cannabis smoker who reads the newspaper and sees the comments on social networks for some time could not help but bring her voice to the current debate, especially when she hears profanity uttered by so-called “experts.”; not to encourage any behavior, but rather to share her experience. It is said that Rastas use cannabis for religious reasons. Concerning the press, she concentrated on those who use cannabis for medical reasons. Major debates have been organized even in the public sector.

However, what is not seen, as “the elephant in the room” is the comment of the vast majority: those who consume marijuana just for fun, adults who act in the privacy of their home. Why they have not asked our opinion?

I use cannabis for over 20 years. I’m forty today, I’m not a delinquent but a responsible citizen. I’m in a stable family and professional situation, I pay my taxes and contribute to the development of my country. I’m not a threat to the society. I do not consider the use of cannabis as a vice, and I would have been the epitome of the “law-abiding citizen” if it were not for the stupid laws prohibiting cannabis.

Twenty years of consumption allowed me to understand one thing: there is no type of profile for the smokers of cannabis. I am a professional in the private sector. I have been in touch with lawyers, teachers, university professors, engineers, housewives, secretaries, bricklayers, in short, people from all walks of life. I met some very interesting people in my life thanks to a joint.


What is the impact of cannabis on people’s lives? Again, we listen to only doctors or psychiatrists. But if we, cannabis smokers, are not (all) physicians, there is one thing we see is the health and social life of our friends, smokers as well and also the fact that we’re fine!

The impact of cannabis on my life? Let me make a list: the most important thing is that cannabis allowed me to meet the one who shares my life for a long time now. Cannabis also allows me to be in harmony with my group of friends and spend quality time with the people I love, chat, joke, laugh, philosophize, in short … live simply.

The example is stale and ultra-warmed, but I’ll use it anyway: where some prefer to share these moments of life with a drink, I prefer to do it with a joint. This has never degenerated into argument as is often the case with excess of alcohol. Although I do not consider the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes in the first place but excessive stress, anger, or occasional pain are quickly resolved with cannabis.

Consumption in excess? Yes, it happens sometimes, like those taking a drink exceeding some limits. Result: red eyes, an open appetite, at worst, a mattress, a good night’s sleep, and feel fresh the next morning!

The negative impact on my life? It’s expensive, too expensive here in Mauritius! A little research on the Internet confirms my point. The price of cannabis here is higher than in all developed countries or developing countries that I could find online. It’s a lifestyle choice. I can afford it. But I’d rather pay less and buy other things for my family and mysel, but hey, the market criminal laws do not leave me any choice either. The biggest risk here for me? Police, prison, criminal records. No more no less.

Why all these “experts” do not stop talking shit who know nothing? Cannabis makes people soft and puts to sleep? Some may. Not me. Not all professionals whom I see actively contributing to the economy around. Theorists are looking for reasons to cannabis use: Peer pressure, low self-esteem, etc. I started smoking cannabis just for curiosity in my youth. But why we do not ask ourselves, as responsible adults, why we always smoke cannabis? Cannabis is nice and gives me relaxation. I do not understand all the hullabaloo around this question elsewhere.

Cannabis never led me to other drugs such as heroin and it is the same for everyone I meet. I’m not a patient in need of detoxification and rehabilitation just because I’m already inserted in society. I am not trying to “detoxify” marijuana because it gives me positive things, and I have no plans to stop my consumption. Instead, I hope to, if the law allows it by then, have some cannabis plants to take my retirement.

I am a cannabis smoker for 20 years. I’m perfectly fine. It’s possible. It’s like that for most of those who consume cannabis. Whether you like it or not, I feel that my perspective has the merit to be heard, because it probably represents the view of most cannabis users among us.