Montagne Blanche: Jewelry Worth Rs 850, 000 Stolen From A Teacher’s House

A teacher of 36 years and resident of Montagne Blanche had the unpleasant surprise on Tuesday afternoon to discover that his house was robbed by burglars.
Jewelery worth Rs 843,000 were washed away. A statement was recorded in the police station of the locality.

Sarvesh (pseudonym) was returning from work on Tuesday afternoon when he found his home upside down. A window of his room was damaged. He then looked into the drawers and stupor: the jewelry of his wife worth Rs 843,000 and a sum of Rs 10,000 had been carried away. The theft entered from the bedroom of the couple which is on the ground floor. Police were mended on site.

Sleuths of CID from the Eastern Division and Scene Of Crime Officers (SoCo) took samples that were sent to the Forensic Science Laboratoty (FSL) for analysis.

In a complaint recorded at the locality’s police station on Tuesday evening, the teacher reports that the theft occurred on Tuesday between 7 am and 4:05 PM. According to his statement to investigators, there was no one at home at the time of the theft.

When contacted, the wife of Sarvesh says she’s sad to have lost objects close to her heart. “Nous sommes victimes de vol pour la première fois. Tous les tiroirs étaient entrouverts et mes bijoux ont disparu. Ces bijoux représentent beaucoup pour moi : ce sont les cadeaux que j’ai reçus le jour de mon mariage, “says the wife to Defi Quotidien. “La police doit multiplier les patrouilles, surtout dans les rues isolées,” said the wife of the teacher hoping that the thieves are quickly found.

The investigation is under the supervision of the Chief Inspector François Varlet. Thieves are actively sought by the police.