[Morcellement-Saint-André] Doorgesh Kodi Ramanah Out For The Stars

24 years old, Doogesh Kodi Ramanah is one of those young Mauritians who do honor to their homeland by an outstanding academic record. After college, he did BSc Physics at the University of Mauritius and he obtained with mention a “First Class”. A performance that allows him to win a state scholarship for his Masters. He flew to London where he got an MSc in theoretical physics at Imperial College, “with merit”. Then, on Sunday June 26, he went to France to continue his studies. His goal: a PhD in cosmology at the Astrophysics Institute of Paris (IAP).

Doogesh Kodi Ramanah told us that on returning from the UK he tried his luck in applying for a scholarship funded by the French National Scientific Research Centre. He responds to a call for applications launched in the press by the Institute Lagrange Paris, bringing together research groups from, among others, IPA.

The young man says that he had no great hopes of being selected. When he got a positive response, he could hardly contain his joy as accessing a level of education so advanced, he accomplishes not only his dream but that of his parents: Rajen, officer, and Maya Devi, former officer of a banking institution.

From a young age, Doogesh Kodi Ramanah stood out from the others. Brilliant student in primary school in his community, he was also very good at the college of Rabindranath Tagore in Îlot. Lucid, the young man is aware that this year will include real challenges. “e sais très bien ce qui m’attend car le niveau sera beaucoup plus élevé et la charge de travail conséquente,” he said. Besides his research works, he will be responsible for part-time courses at the IAP.

After his doctorate, Doogesh intends to return to Mauritius to share his knowledge. He even plans to apply them in other areas of science. See you in a year …