[MUST READ] Ayesha And Her Mother Nazmine Case: Shocking Truth Revealed

The truth about Ayesha and her mother Nazmine is on the trend. After gathering some facts and testimonies from neighbors, it looks like that Ayesha and her family has put the whole population in the illusion of being poor and needy.

The audio recording below is a testimony of a neighbor who decided to raise his voice despite fears of being attacked by so called “taper” in La Rue Cotton, Plaine Verte.

Listen to the audio track below:


He decided to speak for people to know the truth about Ayesha and her family. He repeatedly claimed that her monther Nazmine is not blind. We got information from a source that Nazmine was well and could see on the 26th of May 2016. Here’s a testimony of Shakeel Anarath who have the following questions for Nazmine.


The Truth Revealed

Shakeel Anarath and his team went at Nazmine’s place for a funeral on the 26th of May 2016 and the latter was not blind. She even saluted Shakeel on that day prior to having a conversation with him. Moreover, after the autopsy conducted on Hossen Beg cader, Nazmine wanted to see his face for a last time.

We are creating an awareness through this article for the whole population including the concerned authorities and ministers to think well before its too late. More details will be uploaded. Stay tuned.

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