[Near Trois Boutiques] Bizarre Fish Discovered

After the heavy rainfall in Trois Boutiques yesterday, it is still raining cats and dogs around the country, mostly in the south. The meteo station of Vacoas predicted heavy rainfall and thunderstorms on Friday but, apparently, they went wrong again this time.

Today, Sunday 1st of May, a villager from Trois Boutiques sent us a photo which he said he took when he was wandering around his village to see the disaster the heavy rainfall made. To his astonishment he saw a big black fish in accumulated water near a small “forest”. He described the black fish as being bizarre or acting bizarre, staying mobile for many minutes prior to realizing that a person has actually touched it.

Here’s a photo of the bizarre fish (click to enlarge):


Bizarre Fish Discovered Near Trois Boutiques

It has been revealed that after a heavy rainfall including lightnings and thunderstorms, the heartbeat of fished go slow or can even stop. In this case, we believe that the fish is still in a state of shock after the bad weather in Mauritius. It is not advisable to go fishing in lakes or rivers after a bad weather.

Sometimes, fishes die after thunderstorms because there’s a lack of oxygen in the water. They are asphyxiated and starts to flow on the water. It is not uncommon and this happens everywhere around the world. So if you come across a fish that is not moving or immobile for long periods, do not chase them because they are still in a state of shock.