NewsfeedSable Noir: The Nightmare When Prostitute Jasmine Is Raped By Unknown Man

The most common stereotype of prostitutes is that they are all street walkers, drug addicted, controlled by pimps, and willing to accept a few money for their services.

However, for Jasmine (names changed) prostitution is a part time job to help sustain the everyday life of her two small children aged 3 and 4 years old.


We were recently contacted by Jasmine who wanted to share a bad experience with us. Her partner left her after their second child and since that day life has became very hard for Jasmine.

“Li pas facile pou nourri 2 ti baba en mem temp aprer ki mo concubin fine kit moi 3 ans de cela,” she said. Jasmine revealed that she works in a shop during the day and receives Rs 7, 000 at the end of the month. “7000 roupies li pa suffit pou nouri 2 baba. Ek lorla mo ena pou paye location, bill, debt. Mone pren boucou patience dan la vie mais lerla mone decide pou rentre dan prostitution,” Jasmine added.

After working as a sex worker in Port Louis during the weekend, life has become a bit easier for her. Jasmine confides that her two babies are healthy and they have all materials needed. “mo pe ressi nouri zot sans traca et paye kiken pou surveille zote la zurné,” she said.

After revealing the path to prostitution, Jasmine told us that one night she lived a nightmare. “Sa travay du sexe la li pas osi facil ki tou dimoune croire. Ene la nuit mo ti p rode client lo la gare Port Louis ver minuit kan 1 loto approche avek moi,” she said. The driver said he wanted to have sex but at the seaside and he picked her up in his car after the 34 year old woman agreed.

They went to Sable Noir and on arriving there, the man removed a knife and threatened Jasmine to remove her clothes. The man also told her that he will cut her throat if she does not comply. Jasmine was left with no choice and was raped that night. The man also injured her with the knife at several parts of her body.

“Mo pa pou capav blier sa la nuit la. Mone bisin subir tou sa atrocité-la et mo ti blessé partou. Mone retourne mo lacaz trankil paski personne pas pou croire mo zistwar acoz mo 1 prostitué et mo pan resi raconte mo probleme avek personne,” Jasmine told us.