Newsfeed[Video] Bramsthan: ‘Strange’ Turtle With Long Neck Crossing Road Captured On Camera

Two teenagers reported to have seen a strange animal, often called as freshwater turtle, in Bramsthan. The animal was captured on mobile camera by one of the teenagers.

Here’s what he said: “nou ti pe ale vers Flacq kan nou finn trouve 1 etranz creature pe traverse la route. Nou arete et nou trouve kumadire ene torti p marche vite vite. Nou finn record ene video paski zame nou finn trouve torti delo dou marche lo la terre et tire so longue licou dehor.”

Watch video:

In fact, freshwater turtles can live without water for about one month in quest for food. Perhaps, the one captured on camera was in quest for food or water during the night. Upon seeing the teenagers as potential danger, the turtle started to speed up and make way to escape.

And at the end of the video, you could see the turtle looking at the cameraman, tired but annoyed. The teenager said he was scared at that moment and ran away.