Nokia 3310 Makes Its Comeback On The Market!

The immortal phone is coming back. Sometimes known as one of Man’s greatest invention or as the phone that cannot be killed, the Nokia 3310 has survived ages and will be shortly back in the market.

Lëkki, a French start-up, which specialises in the reconditioning of electronic devices isre-launching thesimple, efficient and indestructibleNokia 3310.


Many will definitely ask why. The reasons behind are simple. It never suffered fromrapid battery drainage. It never needed a screen protector. The father of all mobile phone games – (the Snake II game) which ruled the 2000s is being presented with no technical changes at all. Priced at 80, the “vintage”, the Nokia 3310 will retain its original features, notably its battery stand-by capacity of up to 10 days.

Source: newsfeed.mu