Pailles: He Was Arrested While He Was Packing… Synthetic Drugs

He was caught red-handed. The peddler aged 29 was arrested by a team from the Anti Drug & Smuggling Unit (ADSU) from Metropolitan Division during a raid at his home in Guibies, Pailles last Monday.

He was arrested while he was packing the synthetic drug in small sachets for sales purposes. Seeing the police, the young man dropped a dish that contained synthetic cannabis. Aluminum sheets containing the drug, a cardboard box containing marijuana and a razor blade, believed to have been used to manipulate the drug were seized at the peddler’s house. The market value of the drugs is estimated at Rs 100,000.

The inhabitant of Guibies was subjected to interrogation at the central Barracks after his arrest. After a night in jail, he appeared in Port Louis court this Tuesday, July 12 under a provisional charge of “possession of synthetic cannabis for the purpose of distribution.” He will later be asked about the source of the drug this week.