Pamplemousses: Wanted For Assaulting A Police Officer, She Invents A Kidnapping

She thought she would pull through. But Charlene Chuttoo quickly became disillusioned when she arrived at the Police Press Office on Tuesday morning, to denounce a case of kidnapping. The Police discovered that this young woman of 20 years is, in fact, wanted for assaulting a police officer, “Causing effusion of blood.” She was arrested by the police of Pamplemousses.

At the Police Press Office, the woman indicated that she had been kidnapped and beaten by several men in Pamplemousses. The officers called their colleagues in Pamplemousses station to inform them. It was there, that, the police revealed that Charlene Chuttoo was wanted for assaulting a police officer.

The incident occurred last Thursday, around 22 hours. Charlene Chuttoo was arrested for various offenses and was transferred to the Detention Centre of Moka. But the young woman bite the policeman before fleeing. Injured his wrist, said the police. He was then took to the hospital for medical care.