[Petite Julie] Ajay Farm – 50 Ducks, 10 Hens And Two dogs Poisoned

Indira Reedha, a resident of Petite Julie made a statement to the police after discovering the dead bodies of her animals on Saturday, June 4.

Goodbye to the calf, cow, pig, brood. Or in this case, ducks, hens, dogs. They were all poisoned, she said.

The Animals Of Indira Reedha Dies Of Food Poisoning


It was 7 on the clock when she went out to feed her 10 hens and “cocks race,” she said. “zot ti feb-feb. Lerla enn deryer lot inn mor.” She then noticed with horror that her 50 ducks and two dogs were also dead. “Mo finn trouv enn lasyet manzé dan lakour. Ti ena diri, kari pwasson ek toufé bred ladan…

A last meal that her beloved animals would have eaten before dying one by one, she claimed. “Banla inn ampwazoné.” Indira Reedha specifies that she manages the Ajay Farm, which bears the name of her husband, for some time already. “Gété ki finn arivé.