[Petite Riviere] Charred Body Of A Man Found In His House

He did not survive his injuries. Oujoula Reedoye, 54, nicknamed Robain by his family, died on the night of Sunday, June 12. His house made of metal sheet located in Petite Riviere caught fire and he was trapped in the flames. His relatives relate the drama.

Aux alentours de 21 heures, nous avons entendu du bruit et des cris. Lorsque nous sommes sortis pour voir, les flammes avaient déjà atteint la maison. Nous avons eu toutes les peines du monde à les éteindre,” said Kevin Teeluck, nephew of the victim. He did not know his uncle was inside. “C’est quand les pompiers sont entrés que nous avons su. Nous avons vu un cadavre calciné. C’était trop tard,” he said.

Oujoula Reedoye, who was single, lived alone in his shack covered with metal sheets since the death of his mother. He counted on the generosity of his relatives to feed him. To raise money, he did odd jobs or relied on the support of his drinking buddies.

This is not the first time that a fire breaks out in the house of the fifties. Five years ago, he returned home after a night of drinking and wanted a cigarette but fell asleep in between. His mattress caught fire. His family managed to pull him out from his house in flames.

The funeral of Oujoula Reedoye took place yesterday, Monday, June 14.