Petite Riviere Detention Centre: Tavish Ausman Showing Signs Of Insomnia

Insomnia is a sleep disorder. This is often practically defined as a positive response to either of two questions: “do you experience difficulty sleeping?” or “do you have difficulty falling or staying asleep?”

These were the two questions asked when Tavish was consulted by a psychologist during a routine check up this morning. What actually happened?


Last night, more precisely on Thursday 26th of May, Tavish was seen near the toilets in the Juvenile Detention Centre Of Petite Riviere. When asked by the personnel of the center, Tavish responded negatively by nodding the head. He was immediately sent back to his detention room.

Then, on Friday morning, the person who saw him near the toilets reported the case to his superior. Tavish was again questioned by the superior and a psychologist, who occasionally comes to the Juvenile Detention Center for routine check ups. The latter could not remember being to the toilets last night and said he is not aware of it.

The concerned psychologist asked about the incident with one of his room mate who said: “Mone deza tan li kozer dan somey.. et pas gagn compren ki li pe kozer. Zis ene fois-la mone tan li dir Yeshna..”

The psychologist then told the responsible of the Juvenile Detention Center that the matter need more study to gather information about his troubles.