[PHOTO] Oil Spill On The Beach Of Le Bouchon

Oil Spill Le Bouchon

Oil Spill Le Bouchon

Salvage operation

It is the company 5 Ocean Salvage that the MV Owner Benita designated to take care of the recovery operation. This team is expected in Mauritius on Saturday morning June 18.

Meanwhile, says Alain Donat, Director of Shipping, a “salvage team” in Mauritius was airlifted to the ship to make an initial observation. This exercise revealed that the MV Benita contains 145 tonnes of “fuel oil” and 30 tons of “gas oil”.

Oil Spill Le Bouchon

If Alain Donat confirms that there is no trace of oil spill in the lagoon, heĀ ensures that all measures have been taken to prevent marine pollution.