[Plaine Verte] Theft: Kebab Sellers Ajmal Mohammad Jahangeer & Sheik Nasroullah Ramjaun Arrested

Mohammad Ajmal Jahangeer, 27, and Sheikh Nasrullah Ramjaun, 32, two grilled merchants of the capital, have been jailed as they committed several thefts by snatching women’s bag in Plaine-Verte last Thursday.

The officers of the Field Intelligence Office (FIO) of Port Louis North were in the presence of information that two individuals were rife for some time in the area of Plaine-Verte. Their modus operandi: pick on women in isolated streets.

A resident of Plaine-Verte aged 65 was returning from the bakery in the village when the two thugs attacked her on Tuesday. She was injured and had to receive treatment at the Jeetoo hospital. “Un objet tranchant a frôlé ma main lorsqu’ils ont arraché mon sac-à-main, qui contenait Rs 5 000. J’ai eu une lacération au niveau du bras,” said the victim. The sixties also says she owes her salvation to the people who heard her cries and who rescued her in time.

On Thursday components of FIO from Port Louis North monitored the actions of Mohammad Ajmal Jahangeer and Sheikh Nasrullah Ramjaun known to police. They tried to approach some people in the area of Plaine-Verte. FIO Port Louis North stuck them at the David Street before arresting them and were sent to the sleuths of the Criminal Investigation Division of Port-Louis North.

Subjected to close questioning, Ajmal Mohammad Jahangeer and Sheikh Nasrullah Ramjaun have confessed to stealing the bag from the sixties. They also recounted to investigators that they stole the bag of woman at La Poudrière street last Wednesday afternoon.

The victim was returning from work when the thugs have approached her. She filed a complaint at the Pope Henessy police station. The bike aboard which the thugs circulated to steal were seized. The motorbike had a false license plate. The suspects will be charged in court on Friday morning.