[PLEASE HELP] Mr. And Mrs Ramkissoon Looking For A Job

Mr Dheeraj Ramkissoon and his wife Mrs Samantha Ramkissoon are making an appeal to the solidairty of Mauritians. The couple met with a serious accident last year on 17th May. The accident took place at Port Louis, near the Appravasi Ghat. It was a hit-and-run case.

Watch video below:


Dheeraj’s arm  and knee were badly fractured and doctors had to insert a special apparatus inside his body so that he can at least make reasonable use of the broken arm.

His wife, Samantha, had broken arms and legs. Her ribs were badly damaged too and her treatment is still ongoing.

Samantha was 4 months pregnant at the time of the accident. She survived it all and gave birth to her baby. The baby is now 8 months old.

The couple is now looking for a job so that they can  pay their rent. All their belongings are in the rented house but they can’t live there because they are not able to pay the rent. Currently, they are living in a room that has been given to them freely by a friend but they will have to shift soon.

The couple are hoping to find a job soon so that they can pay their rental and afford their daily expenses. They have to look after the 8-month baby as well.

Let us help Dheeraj unanimously in finding a job… If you feel you can help him, kindly contact him on: 59202446