Port-Louis: Three Hawkers Attack One Policeman

Three hawkers attacked a policeman who tried to question one of them on Saturday. They operated in a forbidden zone, near La Gare du Nord in Port Louis. The three suspects were identified and were brought before the Port Louis Criminal Court.

On Saturday afternoon a policeman was on patrol when he spotted a van parked near the Hawkers Square at La Gare du Nord. Three hawkers stood near the vehicle to sell plastic items. The policeman approached them and told them that they were not allowed to operate there. But they ignored his warnings.

The constable then asked one of them to accompany him to the Trou-Fanfaron police station. The situation quickly degenerated. Other hawkers who were in the neighborhood approached their colleagues. Two of them tried to intervene to prevent the arrest of the recalcitrant. The policeman was beaten and his shirt was torn.


He called for reinforcements and on the arrival of his colleagues, the troublemakers fled. The officer who was slightly injured, recorded a statement. Wanted in the wake of this investigation, three young people showed up at the police station and were identified by the victim.

They appeared before a correctional court in Port Louis on Monday on a temporary charge of assaulting a law enforcement officer. They had to provide a bond to recover freedom. They indicated their intention to appear in the coming days at the police station accompanied by their lawyer to record their version of the facts. Inspector Shiva Coothen, of the press service of the police explains that during this holiday season, “There will be no tolerance for street vendors operating out of designated places. If the stores open until very late, it is up to them to see if they want to operate but as for the place, the police will be intransigent towards the undisciplined.