[Port- Louis] Two Motorcycles Stolen In 5 Days At Jeetoo Hospital

A Peugeot 103 and a red Delta DT 50F were stolen in the parking lot of the Dr A.G Jeetoo hospital in less than a week. The owners of the motorcycles have complained to the police. No arrests have been made so far.

While Mahen Buchoo was consulting within the Dr. A.G. Jeetoo hospital in Port-Louis, a gang of thugs scoured the parking lot looking for motorcycles. In the rows, various gears were parked including the red Peugeot 103 of Mahen Buchoo. This inhabitant of Residence La Cure, aged 48, went to the hospital for his monthly appointment. Three hours later, he discovered that his motorcycle was gone. The theft occurred on June 15, between noon and 3 PM.

Mahen Buchoo gave evidence to the Police Post of the hospital. This former welder uses his bike for his business trips, since he had an accident. He is currently on the waiting list for surgery.

A week after the theft, Mahen Buchoo still have no news about his lost motorcycle. The inspector Shiva Coothen has reassured him. The officer in charge of the Police Press Office explains that when a motorcycle theft is committed, all police stations around the island are informed.

Five days earlier, Yasheer Maudarun lost his motorcycle, a blue Delta DT 50F. This inhabitant of Vallée-des-Prêtres went to the hospital pharmacy to get medication. While returning, his bike was not in the parking lot. “Je l’ai acheté à Rs 42 000, il y a sept ans. J’ai consigné une déposition au Police Post de l’hôpital. L’enquête a été référée au Central Criminal Investigation Department, mais jusqu’à présent, la police n’a procédé à aucune arrestation,” said the young man to the Defi Quotidien.

The authorities remain convinced that this is the work of an organized gang that operates in the capital.