[POSTE-DE-FLACQ] Sarah Jane-Fenouille: «Linn Get Mwa Brile San Pitie»

The village of Poste de Flacq witnessed a horror scene on Thursday. Jocelyn Joseph, who lives in the area, tried to burn alive Fenouille Sarah-Jane on the street. The woman refused his advances. The man then ended his days. This is the story of an incident that shook the eastern region …

“Si to pa vinn pou mwa, to pa pou pou vinn personn.” Jocelyn Joseph, aged 63 and bricklayer by profession, wanted Sarah-Jane Fenouille only for him. But the young woman, not sharing this love did not accept to give in to the suggestions from his former employer. Annoyed, the sexagenarian decided to take a horrendeous step. He doused with petrol the young woman before launching his lighter on it. This appalling scene took place on Thursday afternoon at the bus station in Poste-de-Flac. Later in the evening, the bricklayer decided to end his life by hanging himself in a wasteland.

After work, Sarah-Jane Fennel, which is baby sitter part time, decided to come back home by bike. She had no idea of what to expect. On her way, she comes across a bricklayer. The man got in her way, holding a bottle filled with gasoline. The 26 year old  woman tried to continue her way to home but the man grabbed her by force. Eventually, the two found themselves on the soil. According to information gleaned in recent times, Sarah-Jane was constantly harassed by Jocelyn Joseph. She would have ignored his advances as well as the threats against her. “Mo ti dir toi ki mo pou fer ar twa e monn vini pou touy twa” told the Jocelyn Joseph to the young woman. He then emptied the fuel tank before starting his lighter on it.

“Linn get mwa bril san pitie e riye linn riye line ale. He said that he had done his job. I had to remove my clothes in the street. Otherwise, the consequences could be more serious. Passersby came to my rescue. I then informed my boss, “said Sarah-Jane Fenouille. The mother of the young woman does not hide her anger. “My daughter has escaped death and that is inexcusable. Jocelyn was harassing her. This is a chance that Sarah-Jane was not third degree burns, “she fumed. Her father is in shock, “Jocelyn was my friend and I never thought he would try to attempt to take the life of my daughter. Mo latet fatige. Mo pa ti atan ki enn Kamarad kapav fer sa.”

When informed of the attempted murder, the police launched an operation to trace the suspect. But it was his corpse that was found the next morning on fallow land of the locality. The 63 year old man had committed suicide by hanging. It is a mother who accompanied her children to school who made the gruesome discovery around 8 am 30. “Mo ti pe al kit Zanfan lekol kan monn trouv enn misie pandi lor pie … Li pa ti pe bouz ditou . I was scared and I brought my children at home. I then informed my brother who called the police,”said the latter. Jocelyn Joseph’s lifeless body was taken to the morgue at Victoria Hospital Candos.