Ryan Brette – Paralysed For Life After An Accident

Ryan Brette can be seen in the first picture; one taken 6 years ago. At this tender age, the little boy hardly enjoyed an active childhood. Following a road accident 6 years ago, Ryan is now confined to his movable bed only. The boy can’t neither talk nor see.


Ryan Brette 6 Years Ago

The family stays in a house which they rent at Lamitie. The parents find it very difficult to make both ends meet. Ryan is now 13 years old and he needs to wait till 15 to get an invalid pension.
His mum Sheila needs to look after him with the help of a caring neighbor Cynthia..

Ryan’s father is already 65 years old now and his only source of revenue is his pension. Rayan needs basic food like milk, cereals, fruits and vegetables. His food needs to be blended everyday so that he can swallow the food. Diapers are changed almost every hour.

Food And Items

This Mauritian family is in dire need of our help. Ryan’s medical apparatus and equipment costing more than Rs 400,000 was bought by his father. He used his cash lump sum to purchase the required equipment. The family is living in a critical situation and the parents have not got a permit to collect funds from the public.
As from now, the Light Of Hope team will make provisions such that Ryan’s family receives all necessary foodstuffs every month. A humble request is hereby made to all volunteers who wish to see Ryan and his family living in better conditions. We are here to assist anyone who wants to personally meet the parents of Ryan.
Together we can help this family in a far better way. The solidarity of Mauritians can never be challenged, let us contribute unanimously.

Ryan Brette
Please feel free to contact Mr Subeer on 57724295.

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