[SHOCKING] Port-Louis: A Classroom Transformed Into A Guest House

A large bed, a microwave oven, TV with DVD were among things that were found by members of the Parent -Teacher Association (PTA) of a primary school in the suburbs of the capital. They were shocked after making the discovery. The school caretaker would make use of it after school hours to rent it with college students as suspected.

Besides the bed, other furniture have been discovered in this room. “Il y avait même des draps en satin blanc sur le lit,” says a member of the school staff. “Souvent, nous voyions des jeunes de collèges qui venaient dans l’enceinte de l’école, mais nous avons toujours cru qu’ils venaient récupérer leurs frères et sœurs,” says the teacher. Otherwise, the room was serving college students in expense of a payment to the school caretaker.

The classroom was closed for several months because of leakage problems, as explained by the concerned people. Since a new building is under construction and will soon host the students of this school, the Department undertook no engagement to repair the classroom. The class was always padlocked, the curtains were drawn and the keys kept in the kitchen that was accessible to the school caretaker.


“There were even white satin sheets on the bed”
The classroom is closed always and no staff has thought to check from time to time. “Les membres de la PTA font souvent l’inspection des classes pour voir si tout se passe bien. Si les ventilateurs ou tableaux ne sont pas en état, ils font les démarches pour les changer . C’est ainsi que, la semaine dernière, ils ont insisté pour que cette salle soit ouverte et ont découvert le pot aux roses,” says a staff of the school.

In his defense, the school caretaker said he was kicked out of the house by the owner and transformed the classroom into a place where he can live. “Mais c’est évident que cette chambre avait d’autres utilisations,” says the teacher, not convinced of this releasehis statement. “Sinon il n’y aurait pas cette valse de jeunes dans l’enceinte de l’école.

Inspectors from the Department of Education were alerted and the room was sealed during the weekend. The schoolmaster has declined to comment, but his assistant has suggested that a meeting with the gardening society should take place in the coming days.

For now, nobody knows how long the room has been converted into a bedroom and been rented or how the guard did to furnish the classroom without the staff noticing it. The Ministry of Education has initiated an investigation to shed light on this matter.