[SOUNDTRACK] Corpse Of Denis Robertson Found In St Pierre: Testimony Of The Victim’s Mother

Listen to the soundtrack below:

Tragic end for Denis Robertson. This inhabitant of St Pierre aged 38 was found dead in the early hours of Thursday, June 16.

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The victim had wounds to the head. The police suspect the thesis of a “foul play” and has arrested three people in connection with their investigation.

The body was found in the yard of a neighbor. who heard disturbing sounds and this is where he made the gruesome discovery.

Lysbie, mother of Denis Robertson, interviewed by Radio Plus, does not understand what happened:

“Je ne peux dire ce qu’il s’est passé. J’ai appris de la police que mon fils est tombé du toit de la maison. Il a eu une fracture du crâne. La police m’a appelée ce matin [jeudi 16 juin]. Je me suis rendue au poste de police où j’ai appris la nouvelle,” said Lysbie to Radio Plus.