[Terre Rouge] Attempted Theft, Zameer Khan Callekhan Used A Spray To Blind A Jeweler But Was Eventually Caught

A jeweler of 55 years and his son from Terre Rouge were attacked by two robbers on Monday early in the evening as they were returning home. The thugs used a spray to blind their victims. Zameer Khan Callekhan, a suspect was arrested and he confessed his crime.

Salma (pseudonym) said to have lived the fear of his life. The jeweler and his son were returning from work on Monday by motorcycle when another motorbike stopped at their height. The passenger pulled out a spray and sprayed into her eyes before ripping her handbag containing bank cards and a sum of Rs 10 000. Her son who was driving the motorcycle came to her rescue. The suspect unsuccessfully tried to spread the spray on his face also.

Hearing the cries of Salma, neighbors rushed and gave a helping hand to arrest the suspect. The motorcyclist then chose to flee, leaving Zameer Khan Callekhan on site. The latter was sent to the Terre Rouge police station for interrogation. This inhabitant of Le Hochet was questioned at length by police officers.

“Kokin pou mo nouri fam ek Zanfan”
Zameer Khan Callekhan told investigators that on Monday around 5 PM, he was on a motorcycle with a friend. “Kan mo’nn trouv madam-la, mo kone ki li ena kas ek li parski li ena bizoutri. Mo’nn atak li e mo’nn rod kokin pou mo nouri mo fam ek zanfan. Mo’nn servi enn spray pou fer madam la feb,” he told investigators. He explained that the motorcyclist who was with him had nothing to do with the attempted theft.

After interrogation he was taken into police custody. On Tuesday, he appeared in court of Pamplemousses where a provisional Attempt at larceny charge on public road has been brought against him. The police objected to his release on parole and was sent back in police cell. As for his accomplice, he is wanted by the police.

For her part, Salma said to be in shock. “C’est la première fois que je suis agressée de la sorte. Lorsque ce malfrat s’est servi du spray, j’ai ressenti un brûlure aux yeux. Heureusement, j’ai résisté et mon fils et mes voisins m’ont secourue. La somme de Rs 10 000 était la recette du jour. Je l’avais sur moi pour faire du shopping à l’occasion de la fête Eid. Bizin ena plis patrol dan landrwa. Mo pa kone ki ti kapav ariv mwa si voler-la ti zet lasid lor mwa. Mo remersye Bondye ki finn gard mwa sov,” said Salma to Defi Quotidien. The investigation is supervised by the SP Gunga.