[TRIOLET] – Abhishek Gaulder Leaves Girlfriend With Fractured Skull At Solitude

Abhishek Gaulder, aged 24, was arrested around 7 PM yesterday by the Criminal Police (CID) of Triolet, after his girlfriend of 26 years was found unconscious and injured on her face on the road to Powder Mill, Solitude on Thursday evening. He was detained for questioning in the morning. The student then explained that he made a motorcycle accident and he decided to flee because he has no license.

It was around 10:45 PM on Thursday that the Triolet police were alerted of the incident. An ambulance of SAMU was already on the scene. The identification of the injured person revealed that she is a resident of Vallée-des-Prêtres. The young woman, a cashier in a Northern hypermarket, has said nothing to the police. She was taken to SSRN Hospital where she was admitted at the intensive care unit. Reportedly, she is suffering from a fractured skull. Investigators and CID were sent on the track of her boyfriend by relatives.


In addition to that, three of his friends, including two students, aged 18 and 19, and a bus conductor of 23, were also arrested. Abhishek Gaulder, living in Triolet, revealed that he lost control of his motorbike, a red Honda 100cc, while he was dropping his girlfriend at home. He, however, called the SAMU after fleeing.

The motorcycle was seized by the CID elements for the investigation. His three friends, inhabitants of Vallée-des-Prêtres and Triolet, were allowed to return home after their interrogation. Abhishek Gaulder, meanwhile, remained in police cell. A charge of involuntary wounds and blows were brought against him. He will appear in the Bail and Remand Court today.