[Triolet]: Accient – A Young Policeman Dinesh L. Found In Blood And Mushy Face

A policeman aged 31 and residing Grande Pointe-aux-Biches, is currently in the intensive care unit at SSRN Hospital, Pamplemousses. He was found at the terminus of Triolet lying in a pool of blood on Sunday morning around 5 am. The police of Triolet has opened an investigation.

He is struggling to survive. A police officer assigned to the Traffic Branch was found with multiple injuries at the Terminus of Triolet lying next to his motorcycle, a Suzuki 125 D.C. Constable Dinesh L. informed his wife that he would return early on that day. Since it was getting late, his wife called him on his cell but he was unreachable.

On Sunday at around 5:00 AM, Triolet police officers on patrol in the area discovered their colleague in a pool of blood at the terminus of the region. They alerted the ambulance. The injured man was rushed to the SSRN hospital in Pamplemousses where he was admitted to the intensive care unit after undergoing surgery. He was placed on a ventilator and his condition inspires serious concerns. He had a squashed face.

Devanand L., the father of the wounded said he is in shock. “Toute la famille est bouleversée après avoir appris que Dinesh a été victime d’un accident. Ce qui s’est passé reste un mystère car c’est mon fils seul qui pourra l’expliquer. Mon épouse et ma belle-fille sont sous le choc et elles ne cessent de pleurer et de prier pour que Dinesh se rétablisse. Sa fille de trois ans, est inconsolable. Elle réclame son père,” says Devanand.
The latter explains that his son who has eleven years of service in the police force is always careful on the road. “Il est attentif lorsqu’il est à moto ou en voiture. On ignore pour l’heure les circonstances de cet accident, mais on souhaite que la lumière soit faite. Dinesh n’était pas en service au moment de l’accident. Li pan dir so madam kot li pe ale e linn zis dir li pou retourn vitt. Mwa osi mo pa ti lakaz kan Dinesh ti sorti,” says Devanand.

The Triolet police investigation continues to establish the circumstances of the accident.