[Trou D’eau Douce] – A Police Officer, His Wife, And A Police Woman Tear Each Other Apart

An incredible story. The protagonists in this case are a police woman, a police officer and his wife and they all live in the East. On Sunday afternoon, an argument broke out between Raj (*), a policeman, and his wife, Devika (*).

In fact, Devika found that a police woman has been sending messages to her husband on his cell. Having obtained Sheena’s number (*), Devika contacted her to demand an explanation. Sheena then told her: “To mari finn fer mwa 60 miscalls, vini to gete”. To confirm what was said to her, Devika requested a meeting with the police woman to clear things up.

Sheena asked Devika to meet her in Trou d’Eau Douce. Along the way, the couple finds that the police woman was coming to them. Raj stopped in front of the police woman and the latter’s wife came out of the car to talk to the constable. An argument breaks out. At one point, the police woman dragged Devika for about three meters before fleeing.

Devika and Raj then went to the police station of Bel-Air-Rivière-Seche to complain.


“Mo ti pe dibout pre ar portière loto sa policière la et enn kout linn met an mars linn ale. Linn tren mwa lor trwa mètres,” says Devika in her testimony. Meanwhile, Sheena and her father arrive at the station to file a complaint. Before coming to Bel-Air police station, Sheena went to the police station in Trou d’Eau Douce. She accused Raj of aggression and she explained that the police officer would have sequestered her in his car in the street. “Raj finn dir mwa mo ti met enn plainte kont li Central CID et ki li finn amenn so madam ansam ar li pou fer mwa ditor,” Sheena alleges in her statement.

Broken windshield
Sheena’s father, aged 61, uttered insults inside of the police station and then broke the windshield of the car of Raj. He was stopped. A police senior officer, from another division, moved to Trou Eau Douce in the afternoon to inquire about the incident.

On Monday, the sexagenarian was allowed to leave the hospital. He appeared before the court of Flacq, where he was charged with ‘vagrancy’. To find freedom, he had to provide a deposit of
Rs 1000 and sign an acknowledgment of debt of Rs 8 000. Solicited for a reaction, Devika declined to comment.

(* Names changed)