[UPDATE] Drama At GRSE – 2 Children And A Police Woman Died Drowned

Three persons were found dead including a baby of eight months and a child of 3 years. The third victim is a police woman who tried to save her baby. The police woman, Miss Mewa was working at the station of Brisee Verdiere. Their bodies were transported to the hospital of Flacq for autopsy purpose.

The members of the National Coast Guard and police helicopters were in place in the quest to search for the missing police officer. However, they will continue the search early in the morning tomorrow.

Drama In GRSE


An outing to Ile Aux Cerfs has turned into a drama this afternoon, Wednesday, June 8. 12 people, specifically police officers and their families were on board of a Plaisance boat that capsized when it arrived at Grand River South East. Three people died, including two children and a police officer. Another passenger who was there is still missing. If searches by helicopter stopped, relatives of the disappeared are themselves trying to find him.


Marie Louis H., the skipper of the boat performed an alcohol test that revealed negative. The circumstance of the drama is still unknown. The fourth person missing is a police officer.