[Vallee Pitot] Celebrating Eid With Kala Nazia Bibi

Eid al-Fitr is a crucial religious holiday celebrated by Muslims across the globe that marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting.
The festival is celebrated with great pomp in Mauritius as well. People of the Muslim community celebrate great belief and happiness.

Eid al-Fitr was celebrated differently by Kala Nazia Bibi of Vallee Pitot this year. She decided to make the Light of Hope team part of her celebration and we were truly humbled and happy to assist her in whatever way we could.

Kala Nazia Bibi
We showered our love upon her by offering her gifts, soft drinks, snacks, dessert and of course tasty Biryani to make her day even more special.
The smile that our team brought onto the face of Kala Nazia Bibi melted our hearts and each one of us felt joyful. The Light of Hope team has decided to take the initiative of giving the latter a reason to smile every day.

Kala Nazia Bibi Briani
How and When?

Taking into account her health complications that deprive her of doing hard work, our team has decided to take control of Nazia Bibi’s monthly rental payments. Also, we have taken the commitment of offering the latter basic food materials and other necessities that will allow her to live in a better condition.

For the first time Nazia Bibi celebrated Eid among a crowd of people who were all pleased to make her day a memorable one. Let us continue to help this lady. After all, there’s nothing more powerful and beautiful than the blessings bestowed on us by others.
If you want be part of our dynamic team and contribute generously too, feel free to contact Mr Subeer on 57724295.

Kala Nazia Bibi And Kids

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