[Vallee Pitot] – Meet Nazia Bibi Living Alone In An Iron Sheet House

Nazia Bibi, a 44 year old inhabitant of Vallee Pitot has been living alone in an iron sheet house for many years now. The latter’s house is in a deplorable state and cyclonic conditions can easily pose serious threats to her safety.
Nazia is a cancer survivor and has spent much money on her treatment. Her health complications keep worsening and thus, she is not able to do strenuous jobs.
She is currently employed as a cleaner and uses her salary of Rs 2000 to pay her rent. During this holy month of Ramadan, Nazia Bibi cannot even afford to make a proper and healthy iftar given her dire living condition.

Nazia Bibi

A neighbor of the latter got into contact with Mr Subeer Basdeo who assisted Nazia Bibi by offering her food and necessary items for her to complete her iftar for the remaining days of Ramadan.
It is also quite appalling that Nazia Bibi is not even entitled to a pension considering her deteriorating health issues.

Food Distributed

This matter is of serious concern and a humble appeal is made to all citizens of Mauritius and those living outside Mauritius to help people in similar situations like Nazia Bibi in whatever way possible.
If you want to help in bringing a smile to Nazia Bibi’s face, please feel free to contact Mr Subeer Basdeo on 57724295 for more details. You can also message us on our Facebook page- Viral Google News.
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