Victoria Hospital: A Two Year Old Infant Swallows Contraceptive Pills

A two year old boy has swallowed a couple of contraceptive pills last Sunday. The child lives in Beau Bassin and was placed under observation at the Victoria Hospital in Candos. After spending three days at the hospital, he was able to return home on Wednesday.

It is on Sunday September 4 that the tragedy occurred. The child was playing while his mother was busy with her household chores. He climbed on his rocker and took pills that were on a shelf in the kitchen. His five year old brother who saw the scene immediately alerted her mother, aged 36.
The latter found that she indeed lacked pills. She warned her husband and they went to the hospital in Candos for treatment. “Heureusement que rien de plus grave n’est arrivé. J’ai paniqué lorsque j’ai vu qu’il me manquait beaucoup de pilules. Il a subi un lavage d’estomac. Il va bien,” says the mother.

The case was referred to the police station of the parents’ locality. When questioned by investigators, the mother said her son accidentally swallowed these birth control pills. In her testimony, she claimed to have noticed that 17 pills were missing. The investigation is ongoing.