[VIDEO] Camp Diable: A Joke Turns Into Life-Taking Drama

On the evening of Friday, May 13, at Camp Diable, Louis Patrick Philogène, 38 of age, after a few drinks, went in the middle of the road for fun, while a vehicle was approaching. A passer brutally reprimanded and he did not survive his injuries. The alleged murderer is behind bars.

A Joke Turns Into Life-Taking Drama

Louis Patrick Philogène aka Koulou, had consumed a few glasses of rum. Drunk, he wanted to make his friends laugh by running in the middle of the road: “Mo pe anvi al mor”

At the same time, a van was heading in his direction. The driver honks and avoids him before continuing his trip.

“ Li’nn fer enn joke. Li’nn vinn divan van-la, apre li rekil kat sink pa, li’nn retourn dan so plas,” recalls Bryan, his nephew. A few meters away, a local resident, Jonas Pierre Louis, was assisting the scene.

He did not appreciate the joke. Somewhat irritated, he rushed towards Koulou, to call him to order. “Si to mor, mo pa anvi al temwin akoz twa,” he reportedly said to the latter, before slapping him.


Kicks to the head
“Sa kalot li’nn tap li la ! Koulou inn tom san konesans. Li ti deza sou. Apre Jonas inn koumans donn li kout pie lor so la tet,” said Bryan, who witnessed the alleged assault.

Koulou began to bleed. On site, there is panic among his friends and relatives. “Disan ti pe koule dan so nene ,” recounts Marco, a friend with whom he had a few drinks. “Boner li ti pe anvi vin get ti baba kot mwa. Mo’nn dir li tro deranze al lakaz,” he adds.

Koulou, seriously injured, was taken to his home in Camp Diable by several people. His condition did not improve that night.

“Li pa’nn ouver lizie ditou. Li ti pe plinye ki li pe gagn douler. Li pa ti pe kapav koze. Nou pe demann li mem Koulou kinn ariv twa, Koulou ki to pe gagne me li pa reponn ,” said his niece.

On Saturday, May 14, after much suffering, he pushed his last breath at around 1 PM. The autopsy attributed his death to intracranial hemorrhage.

The Criminal Investigation Division of Rivière-des-Anguilles led by Superintendent Raheeman and Sergeant Korimboccus took the matter in hand. The alleged murderer Jonas Pierre Louis was placed under arrest.

Watch video below:

After being questioned by investigators, the suspect has been charged with murder. Before the Bail and Remand Court on Sunday 15 May, he acknowledged slapping Patrick Philogène. His interrogation has been scheduled for Monday in the presence of his lawyer.

The funeral of Patrick Philogène took place in the afternoon of Sunday 15th of May. He leaves behind him two children, a 7 years old child and a 17 years old teen, who is currently doing his School Certificate in a private college in Curepipe. His elder child is affected by grief and wonders how she will pay for her exam fees. “Avan li al bwar mo ti demann mo papa kas pou paye lexame. Li dir li pou al demann kas prete ,” she said.