[VIDEO] Crime In Nouvelle Decouverte: Mithunsing Bumma At The Crime Scene

Police, Special Supporting Unit, Scene of Crime Office, Divisional Support Unit, Emergency Response Service … Strong mobilization in Nouvelle Decouverte and Eau Bouille. Mitthunsing Bhuma arrested in the murder of his wife Vidhi Bumma participated in a reconstruction of the events on Thursday, May 26. The 34-years-old man told the police the sequence of events on the day of the tragedy.

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He was equipped with a helmet and a bulletproof vest during the reconstruction of the events at his house. When going to Eau Bouille, the suspect told investigators where he obtained a vehicle that was used to transport the body of his wife before he burned it.


Charred body

The suspect and the authorities then went to Eau Bouille to show the site where the body of Vidhi Bhuma was found burned. During this exercise, Mitthusing Bhuma indicated to the police the shop where he bought petrol and matches.

Mitthusing Bhuma confessed his crime on Sunday night. After his appearance in court on Monday, he was taken back to the cell.

Watch video below:


What happened that day? It was a friday night and husband and wife started arguing. The truck driver, aged 34, eventually beats Vidhi Bumma before strangling her. He then wrapped her body in a sheet to go to a site in Eau Bouille.

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The next day, he returned to the scene to burn the body with petrol. He then went to St-Pierre police station to report the disappearance of Vidhi Bumma.